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Automotive Work

An example of some of the automotive work we have done for various companies over the years.

Engineering That Moves the World

GKN wanted to raise awareness of how important they are to many of the machines we take for granted in our everyday lives.  Many organisations can lay claim to innovation and excellent technology, however our client needed us to portray GKN’s ability to evolve rapidly and in tune with their major global clients. Above all, the film set out to reset perceptions of the brand internally and externally: from being a reliable engineering business to the leading high-tech, forward-thinking partners they are today.

Private: Driveline Brand Film

This is a good example of The Edge’s flexibility and responsiveness. We were already producing a film for a major internal event on technology and design when the GKN Automotive CEO decided he needed a brand film produced as well in just over a week. This was pulled together in record time and created a very positive reaction when it was launched at the conference. We include it here as an example of where we can add value on lower cost, less bespoke approaches to film.

Lifesaving Rules -Driving
Network Rail

Using an X-ray graphic style, we recreate situations based on real accidents suffered by Network Rail employees, showing the impact of various severe injuries suffered in working environments familiar to Network Rail employees.

Formula E

A film to launch the new season of Formula E as GKN are partnering with Panasonic Jaguar Racing.


A film for Honda to launch the new type R

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