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Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Glimpses of Qatar
Qatar Tourism Authority

The film is stylised, yet intimate. Stunning vistas, brought together with sophisticated cinematic techniques, bonded with human elements to create the perfect feeling of invitation, celebrating the virtues of Qatar. The film is a tribute to the collective identity and soul of this land. It is about capturing the spirit, the heartbeat and this country’s unwavering pride and determination.

In this short 60 second TVC the film takes the viewer on a journey through the country’s DNA – the audience will experience the sight, the sound, the scent, the taste and touch – evoking a true sensory experience.

Brand Film
Qatar National Bank

“Determination, Insightful, Enriching” – these values needs to be lived by every QNB employee, and this film is designed to show three examples where employees showed these brand values, and delivered above-and-beyond the normal service to their customers, showing they were “Thinking Beyond” the normal remit.

The film was shown at the first QNB Brand Engagement Workshop in November 2012, and its audience were carefully-selected Brand Ambassadors within the bank, who conveyed the brand values of QNB to other employee

Greatness TVC (A)
Qatar Financial Centre Authority

The theme of the campaign was that of great success being achieved through great support, and previous TVCs had already been made in this vein – and by association, how QFC provides great support to help its clients achieve their own personal success.

Coupled with an ethereal, inspirational music piece, our film uses archive footage of the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, and closes on a shot of Charles Duke, Mission Control for the Apollo 11 expedition, arguably the most crucial support roles behind one of humanity’s pinnacle achievements – setting foot on the Moon for the first time in history.

The Emir Cup – The Referee
Qatar Football Association

Each spot was designed to encourage football fans to get off the sofa and get down to the stadium. With clever art direction and cinematic trickery we transport our heroes from their homes into the vibrant atmosphere of a live game!

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