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Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Business without Borders
AJ Gallagher

AJG were in the process of redefining their corporate image. They commissioned us to create an inspirational, thought-provoking film to showcase the enlarged organisation, as well as highlighting its strengths, credentials, product capabilities, and people – all communicated by reflecting the unique tone of voice and language of its distinct brand.

Global Induction

Vodafone needed a lively, fun, entertaining film to show how the individual operating companies work together. To shoot this conventionally would have been cost-prohibitive and so – based on our User-Generated Content expertise – we came up with a concept that allowed anyone within Vodafone to participate. We created a script and storyboard, and sent out a pack of shots to all employees with instructions on how to get the best results.  The response was phenomenal – we received over 3,000 video clips! – These were edited together over the course of three weeks to create the final film.

Who Are We
Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance asked us to produce a film that gives everyone within their organization a review of the year. The film also re-caps on the financial year and looks at the companies strategy for the future.

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