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Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.


Part of a series of films, we showcased the music app company Shazam and their partnership with Barclays. Interviewing Shazam’s chairman Andrew Fisher, the film highlights the important role Barclays plays in growing and supporting the vision of Shazam as a tech company.


The KANO client story was made as part of a series of client testimonials for Barclays Bank. The film highlights the achievements of this young company and the growing and supportive relationship that Barclays have with this company. We interviewed the CEO and CTO of KANO, a young technology company, at their offices in East London. The film is now being used as part of Barclays’ on-going campaign to showcase thriving client relationships.

Why Founders Factory?
Founders Factory

The films are a mix of interviews with cutaways shot in a stylistic manner to bring out the fun and vibrancy the business. They are the innovative place for entrepreneurs and their businesses to go and grow.

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