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Cannes dolphin winners 2019

Here are a selection films

Campaign to End Loneliness
Havas Just

Working with agency Havas Just, we filmed a well-known British comedian, Andy Parsons, approaching people sitting alone in the shopping centre and strike up a conversation.

This aimed to show how awkward British barriers are broken down through shared laughter, helping strangers to connect – and for the film to seek to be part of a cultural shift that celebrates and elevates small moments of connection.

A Big Difference
Be The Business

The film was premiered at the Be The Business Festival, hosted at RIBA in London in March 2019.  Several hundred business leaders were invited to connect with senior leaders and stakeholders from industry and Government including the UK’s Secretary of State for Business Greg Clark and the Chairman of Be the Business Sir Charlie Mayfield.


Survival Skills in the Interview Jungle (Edge)

UBS’ brief called for a light-hearted comedy focusing on interview technique after a career break of two years or more.
The film’s aim is to highlight common mistakes and offer up tangible tips for those entering the interview room.
We wanted to captivate potential interview candidates through the humour of this film, showing the ‘wrong way’ with comic effect, accompanied by a guiding and informative voice throughout.

Look Out Look Up 2

Energy Networks Association (ENA) are the electricity networks’ trade body. They required a short, highly impactful film which made networks’ employees more aware of their surroundings, specifically when dealing with overhead power lines. ‘Look Out Look Up’ focuses on the danger that can be present when delivering or unloading loads, demonstrating the devastating consequences of when overhead powerlines are missed or ignored.

Tick Tock (COPD Attack Drama)

Healthcare practitioners need to understand that a severe COPD attack should be treated as serious as a heart attack. This film explains why.

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