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Catherine Thompson - Deloitte

Please see a selection of our films below

One Million Futures

To accompany this programme Deloitte required a memorable, uplifting and emotionally engaging film to help all of their 15,000 employees connect and be a valued part of the initiative. Ensuring that each individual is aware of their pivotal role within the firm leading to positively impacting a million people’s lives over 3 years. The film also supports Deloitte’s main purpose and new brand visual refresh – signified by the green dot and circular motif.

Cyber Security. Evolved.

It needed to convey how they take a functional, practical approach using proven methodologies and strict protocols to help companies combat of this increasingly sophisticated threat.

The film was launched externally, initially at Davos (The World Economic Forum) to a very senior audience, targeting senior chief executives, business and government leaders, before being placed on YouTube as part of a viral campaign and sent out to clients and businesses worldwide.

HSBCnet Mobile App Touch ID Promo

We produced this film to change the perception of HSBCnet and show the way HSBC’s investments in technology were making it more responsive to clients’ busy working lives.

The brief was to make the film feel highly contemporary and strongly visual to draw the viewer into the new world of HSBCnet that the mobile app makes possible.  The use of kaleidolapse gives the film an abstract quality and the use of monochrome with red ties it in closely to the HSBC brand.


At HSBC, Global Liquidity Solutions (GLS) help businesses manage their surplus cash across more than 50 markets around the world.  The aim of the film is to represent the fluid nature of HSBC’s Global Liquidity Solutions with a visually captivating and dynamic liquid graphic animation. This is complimented by a carefully chosen piece of music and crafted sound design, to create an immersive soundscape. ​

The Message Cloud

‘Message Cloud’ is the next major macro-trend in an increasingly connected world. Having successfully developed the working technology and know-how for implementation, SmartFocus had a window of opportunity in which to steal a march on its major competitors, and we helped them use the power of film to communicate the essence of the product’s innovative smart thinking to a potentially huge, receptive audience.

Vision For The Future
National Grid

National Grid needed a film to show their employees that explained the organisation’s ambitions to change to clean, reliable energy. We opted for a graphic approach which visually stunning film that would tell them all they needed to know.

Tiles Demo

A simple animated demo of the Tiles desktop tool showcasing key functionalities.

RCSM Introduction

A film to explain to HSBC customers and employees alike about what a RCSM (Regional Client Support Manager) is, what their role entails, and how this will benefit the customer.

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