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Charlie Bain

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Reserve Show Villa
Al Barari

The Reserve comprises 33 high-end bespoke villas, designed to service the ever-growing global property market trend of home customisation. Using a highly sophisticated visual style, we interspersed elegant imagery with an in-depth interview with Mohammed Bin Zaal, Al Barari’s CEO, creating a final film that gives a great insight into The Reserve and what it has to offer.

Social Media
Network Rail

Social media is something which most people now use as a part of their personal lives. As a result Network Rail felt it necessary to produce and implement a series of rules with regards to social media and the workplace.

These policies are extensive, and this film needed to convey the key messages in a way that grabs the audience’s attention. We used kinetic text as a way of achieving this – condensing the material and highlighting the key messages in a succinct way.

Teenage cybercrime #CyberChoices
National Crime Agency

The National Crime Agency required a film to form the centerpiece of a campaign to raise awareness about the growing issue with teenage cyber crime. Using comedy, we appeal to parents to be mindful of what their teenager could potentially be doing on the computer.  The film has been shown across a wide range of media from BBC Breakfast and The One Show to Good Morning Britain.


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