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Kristen Burgess, Caroline Hooley, Karen Strutt at Deloitte

Here are a selection of our films.

We Are – Nuveen

We aimed to create an exciting and contemporary film that tells Nuveen’s story from the beginning- how they got to where they are and where they aim to go. The end result was a stylish, engaging film that combined library footage,¬†engaging animation, and kinetic typography to clever effect.

East Coast Mainline
Network Rail

Network Rail wanted a film they could use in a pitch for funding from The Department of Transport.
The film features a central presenter who tells the story of the East Coast Mainline and to support why it needs investment for digitalisation.  A layer of graphics helps to convey facts and information.


Pinn wanted a film to launch themselves into the market, to explain both to business and consumer customers, what their offering is. To this end we produced a voiceover-led piece of animation that is both stylish and original which clearly and simply describes what Pinn does, how their product works and the benefits it has to society as a whole.

Brand Film
Be The Business

This film that we made for Be The Business draws the audience in with its upbeat tone, offering some useful tips to business owners.

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