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Sarah Kirk, Michael Page

A selection of films from The Edge

Diversity – Unicorn

We opted for a mockumentary-esque film featuring fictional CCEP employees of different ages wearing animal masks, following them as they navigate working life whilst being interviewed by an off-screen interviewer trying to get their opinions on age diversity.   We utilised the masks as animals don’t have the concept of generation and age is often hard to gauge on appearance alone. The final reveal further drew on this idea, as the characters removing their masks to reveal the people beneath, and further countering expectations.

Global Talent Hub

Within EY the Global Talent Hub was an under-used resource. This film was created to ensure employees were aware of its potential, and cost-effectiveness, so it could be fully utilised as part of staff allocation for client engagements.


Apprentices – Lauren Cyster

One of a series of 20 user generated films: 10 covering core roles where there is a real focus on recruitment and 10 Apprentice Stories. The latter aim to overcome misconceptions of BT and instead reach out to a new generation of BT employees to position the company as a one of the most exciting and innovative places to work.

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