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Hi everyone,
Please find below a selection of films following our session on the Psychology of Film (15th March).

Pride In Service

Due to increasing pressure on customer service staff, SSE wanted a film that would encourage their employees to have greater empathy towards their customers and put the customer service staff in the shoes of their customers. This is a music – led film that tells the  story of a young SSE employee who ‘time travels’ to  get an insight into the lives of her customers, realising the impact that her ‘ordinary’ job has on people, she goes back to do the right thing.

Health and Wellness – Wellbeing
Network Rail

As part of a wider campaign to promote health and wellness for employees, Network Rail commissioned us to produce a series of 5 films. This particular one focuses on wellbeing.

Wellbeing – Sitting

KONE’s ‘Elevate Your Health’ campaign is being promoted across the company to support employees’ physical, mental, and social health.  The campaign aims to encourage employees to be aware of personal health risks, be responsible for their own health, and be physically active in order to achieve better wellbeing, with wellbeing defined as “The state of being physically, mentally, and socially healthy, achieving a balanced life”.

This is one in the series – Sitting.

The Missing Million
Business in the Community

The film needed to hit people with the injustice of the situation and show that there are willing older people wanting to work, but not being able to. It was about helping to change attitudes and encourage more positive attitudes to and working environments for our ageing workforce.

The aim of the film isn’t to find jobs for the over-50s, but to promote change in the way senior people within business think about our ageing workforce. It needed to educate companies about the benefits of keeping their older members of staff and what they can offer.

On Your Watch
British Council

We made this to commemorate the retirement of British Council’s outgoing Chief Executive, Martin Davidson.   We wrote a caption script, turned it into a PowerPoint, and a call went out around the world – the huge amount of contributions we received helped us to make a really special film to thank Martin for his service and what the Council had achieved during his time at the helm.

Apprentices – Lauren Cyster

One of a series of films that aims to overcome negative perceptions of BT and instead reach out to a new generation of BT employees, positioning the company as one of the most exciting, innovative places to work.

Finding Patience – The later years

The second of the two-part  docu-drama, set in a care home and picks up on the same family some years later where the problem has progressed and is now late stage dementia. This is aimed at Health & Care providers across the UK to improve the quality of specific care given to BME groups and understanding of some of the barriers that prevent the delivery of effective care.

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