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A selection of some of our EY films from The Edge.


Taking Risk seriously is essential in Professional Services. How can we get people to see it as an enabler rather than always as a barrier?

Success Factors
Vision 2020+

EY wanted an engaging, energetic film to launch 2020+ – the extension of their company-wide vision for the future. We created an impactful promo film to excite employees on what was to come.

The EY Experience

EY wanted a film to help communicate the ‘Exceptional EY Experience’ and all it has to offer. We made a film that places the audience at the centre of this idea and filmed EY people delivering the People Promise speech directly to camera in EY environments.


EYU is a global career framework used internally at EY. The framework incorporates several different elements relating to how people can develop and grow their careers. The three main pillars are: Learning, Experiences & Coaching along with the Performance Management and Development Process.

Better Begins With You – Camilla Glennon

EY commissioned a film for each of the 20 finalists nominated for their peer-based global awards programme. This film follows the story of Camilla Glennon.

Global Talent Hub

Within EY the Global Talent Hub was an under-used resource. This film was created to ensure employees were aware of its potential, and cost-effectiveness, so it could be fully utilised as part of staff allocation for client engagements.


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