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Farrah Qureshi

Please see a selection of our films below

The Future Transformed
UK Power Networks

The aim of The Future Transformed is to make UK Power Networks’ internal processes ‘smarter’ and in doing so – easier for employees to do their job. This film is a call for employee participation, and a trailer for how the processes will improve the lives of employees and customers.

Take A Second (compilation)
Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group’s Diversity and Inclusion team commissioned us to make ‘Take A Second’. Understanding that despite all the mechanisms in place, workplace friction still persists, and was recognised as a brake on success. This mandatory video-led programme was made to educate every employee in the Group. It had a simple aim: be more mindful of other people’s feelings, no matter how much pressure you’re under and together we can make this a better and more inclusive place to work for everyone.

Unconscious Bias
TFL Transport for London

We produced a short, powerful film for TFL, which challenged employers unconscious bias during the recruitment process.

Phonotrope (cutdown)
Integral Society

Ken Wilber is a respected philosopher, with followers including Bill Clinton.

The Integral Society initiative is his holistic view of how society should interact with each other towards a common goal.

They needed a film to make the concept more accessible and engaging for a wide range of audiences.

Our solution was a based around a device called a Phonotrope, where the illusion of animation is achieved by rotating an object and filming it at a high shutter speed.  The end result was both beautiful and mesmerising – like nothing else we’ve produced before…

Ask Yourself

Deloitte believe in an environment in which their people are recognised and respected for their own strengths, values and perspectives. They believe that it’s only within such an environment that employees can truly be at their best.

To this end, they’re working hard to ensure they provide a working environment where everyone feels able to be themselves and can thrive, develop and succeed.  Creating an inclusive environment is not a challenge unique to Deloitte; by uploading the film to YouTube and allowing people to share it with others Deloitte hope to inspire them on their own journeys of respect and inclusion.

To date the film has been viewed over 228,000 on YouTube and has won a multitude of major film festival awards.

Fair Manager (cutdown)
Lloyds Banking Group

A drama designed to subtly show evidence of unconscious bias. It formed the spine of the Fair Manager elearn, mandatory for all managers in the group. UB is a tricky and fascinating subject, and the drama aimed to show how good intentions aren’t enough; you need to be self-aware and intentional when seeking to recruit fairly.

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