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Please see below a selection of films in the £15-50k bracket.


We captured the essence of Capita’s innovative use of IT in their digital marketing film by combining live action filming (their employees) and animation.

One Year On
Allen & Overy

Allen & Overy is a multinational law firm, and the world’s leading law firm. This film was the follow up to an original film aimed to highlight a new strategic framework developed by A&O, bringing the firm’s vision and key business objectives to its people in an effective, engaging way. This film explores the positive impact, one year on.

Probate Web Series

Acknowledging how daunting the probate process can be for families – especially at an emotionally challenging time such as the death of a loved one – Simplify seeks to demystify the legal requirements and other services necessary when someone dies. Led by a straight-talking presenter and clear iconography, our 25-part series (now live on helps unpack the complex probate process in simple, effective steps, and the series continues to gain popularity amongst the website’s visitors.

Tu Go App

The film creates a magical world made of pop-out cardboard props to take the viewer on a seamless journey demonstrating the features and benefits of the TU Go app. We wanted to create something that’s eye-catching, distinctive and visually appealing for a very broad audience.

Through the use of voiceover to explain each of TU Go’s features in a succinct fashion, the visual treatment focused on the seamless connectivity that the TU Go app gives the user. The idea is based on one central character whose environment/situation changes around him through the use of cut out cardboard, representing different circumstances in which TU Go can be used.

The result was a short, upbeat film that feels fresh, captivating and inspirational.

Hooked on Sport for Life
Sport Wales

This film aims to make people feel like they are a part of something bigger, proud to be involved in a greater cause. The film promoted Sport Wales’ message, aims and vision at their annual Staff Day event in January 2012, and has since been available to view on the Sport Wales website and YouTube channel. We used stop-frame animation of real people. We filmed the participants individually from above, creating a plain white canvas and animating them frame by frame, making them do anything – run, tumble, jump, acrobatics – to illustrate the vast array of sports. A simple text script in a handwritten style told the story, making it easy to create both English and Welsh versions. We completed the film with a commercial track by an up and coming Welsh band called Friends Electric.

You Poo Too
Thames Tideway Tunnel

Led by our young presenter, we learn the facts about the project and how the Tunnel is going to lead to a brighter, cleaner future for the whole of London. This film has been instrumental in educating the public about the facts surrounding the project, and clarify any misconceptions people might have. In addition to the main film, we also produced a teaser film which was launched on the Thames Tideway Tunnel’s various social media platforms.

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