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Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Your Family Needs You

A serious accident at work isn’t just limited to emotional distress and trauma – it can have serious financial implications, as families often lose their sole breadwinner and still have to meet costly hospital and care bills. The overriding objective of this film was to cut through a diverse, tough, cynical audience, and get them to wake up and make sure they behave in a safe, responsible way at all times by making them think of their own families and the devastating effect on them, should they become an accident statistic.

Stay Safe

Accidents often have multiple causes with complacency and lack of personal responsibility at their heart. This hard-hitting emotional film aims to ensure the ‘Stay Safe’ message sticks.

The primary audience comprised all of the UK Power Networks field staff and contractors – those who are older and have been in the job for many years, alongside new and young apprentices. Beyond this, the film had to work for all 5,000 employees.

Stay Safe UGC

This was a follow-up to ‘Who Are You Going to Stay Safe For?’

This sequel uses user-generated content to reinforce the original message and show how the campaign is positively making a difference within UK Power Networks.


The RightWay Approach has been developed as the golden thread of health, safety and wellbeing running throughout Tideway, reminding everyone that, no matter where they work in Tideway, they each have a responsibility to keep themselves and others safe and well.

We developed a fun and inventive creative approach for this film to surprise and engage the audience.  We feature a cross-section of Tideway people wearing their normal work clothes, and shoot them from above on the floor of a large studio space using the ‘stop-motion’ technique.  Using this technique allows us to show Tideway people demonstrating ‘doing things the RightWay’ when it comes to health, wellbeing, and safety – but in a stylized and playful way.

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