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Jane Sayers - Shell

Please see a selection of our films for Shell below

Concept Car Launch

This film was for the Shanghai Motor show to launch the Shell concept car – a collaboration between Gordon Murray Designs, Shell Lubricants and GEO Technology.


Shell commissioned us to make a film for the launch their Ideas360 competition. Ideas360 is open globally to university students between 18 and 24 who have innovative and ingenious minds, and believe they can contribute to the world in some way through creating brilliant ideas that relate to Energy, Food and Water.

Pearl GTL Safety Film
Qatar Shell

Through the hard work of all those involved in the project, from construction contractors, to operators and engineers, Shell managed 77 million man hours on site without a ‘Loss Time Injury’.  This is a record in the Middle East for the construction sector as well for the oil and gas industry. It has created a fantastic legacy for the project, for Shell as a Global Company, but also for the State of Qatar. This film documents that story from a personal level, from perspective of contractors and the Shell Team, while exploring the business reasons behind the goal.

PMTDR The Journey

This modern day interpretation of a Christmas Carol follows the story of one forecourt employee who witnesses the onward impact of bad service to customers and how small things can really make the difference to customer’s lives.

GC Competition NYC

This is a film to promote the Global Commercial Competition where Shell employees get to travel to NYC in 2017, the most requested destination. The film is made up of stock footage from NYC and speeds up as it goes along culminating in a dramatic shot of the Statue of Liberty.

Incredible Journey
Qatar Shell

This film is a powerful product-led film, using graphics to enhance and interweave the stories. We used an animated creative device to enhance and interweave five human stories, each featuring five products that are powered by GTL: a new city car – the T25 – for GTL Lubricants, a commuter bus in the Netherlands for GTL Fuel, a washing detergent for GTL Paraffin, a plastic football for GTL Naphtha and a Qatar Airways aeroplane for GTL Kerosene.

P&T Pride

P&T is a global organisation with extensive resources, experience and specialist know-how.  It’s a relatively new division within Shell, accountable for the development and management of the largest and most complex projects – creating world-class technology.  A film was required that would convey the 9 business units of Projects & Technology (P&T). It was important that the film gave a sense of the bigger picture and answered some key questions surrounding what P&T was set up to do.


Carmon Creek

With the site yet to be built, a virtual world was created, with which the featured stakeholders interact as they explain the various aspects of the project, and what the future holds for both Shell and the wider region.

Sonic Signature

A film to help launch the sound of Shell, a sonic-signature designed to work across a huge range of products, services and communications.  It celebrates the development and recording  of a three-minute orchestral composition and more than 50 variations in different musical genres and styles.   Familiarising the audience with the assets and creating a sense of excitement at what a combining of the senses – sight and sound – can bring.

We are Downstream

The requirement here was for a high-impact film to be played at the start of a series of roadshows to introduce new Shell Downstream Director, John Abbott.  We used a multi-screen approach as it allows us to best demonstrate the staggering breadth of the Downstream division, and the many business areas they operate in.  Set against a rousing soundtrack we offer a very stirring overview which we hope instils the sense of pride Downstream employees should rightly feel in the work they do.

TaCIT (Promo)

Shell wanted to highlight the innovation and excellence of their TaCIT team – Technical and Competitive IT. By bringing all of their technical solutions under one banner they’ve been able to pool resources and share ideas, leading to some amazing work in oil exploration, asset maintenance, apps for customers and data analysis and imaging. Our film shows four examples of this cutting edge technology, both from the point of view of the TaCIT team but just as importantly, from the people using it in the field.

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