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Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Symphos 2015
Office Chérifien des Phosphates

This film communicates that innovation is key to an efficient phosphate industry and sustainable agriculture.

We use live action film footage with magical, animated graphics superimposed – to dramatize key statistics, recent innovations, scientific achievements, and potential future technological advances.

The footage from our existing OCP brand and documentary films have been combined with archive library footage and key excerpts from previous Symphos events (eg lectures, debates, closing ceremony etc.). Combined with the animation, this will create a visually compelling film about the positive impact innovation and technology can make.

TaCIT (Promo)

Shell wanted to highlight the innovation and excellence of their TaCIT team – Technical and Competitive IT. By bringing all of their technical solutions under one banner they’ve been able to pool resources and share ideas, leading to some amazing work in oil exploration, asset maintenance, apps for customers and data analysis and imaging. Our film shows four examples of this cutting edge technology, both from the point of view of the TaCIT team but just as importantly, from the people using it in the field.


We were commissioned to produce 6 films for the inauguration hosted by The Emir His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani. These were played on the world’s largest LCD screen and a specially designed 3-Dimensional ‘musion’ screen.

‘Flame’ is a stunningly visual flight of fancy which shows the power AKG- 2 provides illuminating the city, bringing the country to life, and ending with a strong representation of Qatar’s importance to the entire world in terms of supplying energy for the future.

Delivering the Vision

Featuring interviews with the CEO of Qatargas, Khalid Bin Khalifa Al Thani, and the Minister for Energy & Industry Affairs, His Excellency Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Sada, the film draws on archive footage sophisticated kinetic graphics to illustrate the impressive numbers behind this growing company.

The primary audience were customers, VIPs, and visitors to the Qatargas production facilities at Ras Laffan. Beyond this, the film has been used to support presentations for potential customers around the world and shown on the Company website.


This film was shown at the 2017 Qatar UK Investment Forum, attended by more than 2,000 business and government delegates from Qatar & the UK in London & Birmingham.

Treasures of Qatar
Qatar Petroleum

Our film shows how Qatar Petroleum touches the world in many different ways and how instrumental it’s been in transforming Qatar and the lives of the Qatari people. Beyond the WPC, the film has been used for a multitude of communication purposes, including a TVC which saw its first broadcast in 2012.

A Journey of Discovery
Oman Air

The films main aim is to not only deliver vital in-flight safety instructions, but to also simultaneously showcase the natural beauty of Oman, the personality and warmth of its people, and provide a sample of its unique culture in a cinematic style.


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