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Kathryn Ager - Grayling

Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Department for Education

In this film, we meet Lucy, a care-worker in Norfolk, talking about her personal motivation, the misconceptions she’s encountered, her love of the job, and the prospects available within the profession.


AstraZeneca asked us to produce a film about why one should choose to work at Medimmune in Gaithesburg, with the aim of appealing to rock star scientists.

We wrote a script capturing the strong identity of Medimmune and got lots of different people to deliver a line down the lens.

With the continuous dialogue, we were able to link together short snippets of conversation from one scientist to another. These lines were delivered by entirely genuine Medimmune scientists in a relaxed style. Building to an emotional, humorous payoff.

Sunny’s Miracle

Astra Zeneca required a selection of films to be shown at a global event. The films had to be short and impactful, moving away from talking heads/staged/ slower pace and instead fresh, urban and fast moving. In turn demonstrating a global company hard at work to deliver science to patients – in this case Sunny.

Two Lives
The Anthony Nolan Trust

This film was designed to be shown at events and online to raise the profile of the charity, to stay with the viewer, and encourage them to get involved – whether through donating money, joining the register, or making time for  fundraising or volunteering.

Response to the film has been extraordinary, leaving many people moved and lost for words.  It had a real impact at the annual Anthony Nolan Daisy Ball where it not only dispelled myths, but also helped to raise the largest amount of money ever at the time.  The film also played a major part in The Trust winning the Kleinwort Benson Charity of the Year for 2009.

Because of You

BUPA needed a film to be shown at their staff conference. The aim of the film was to remind BUPA staff, that whatever they do and wherever they work, they all contribute to making BUPA members live longer, healthier and happier lives.This drama follows various rail passengers as they arrive/depart from London’s Liverpool Street Station. We used real BUPA employees to tell their stories about how they’ve been impacting their customer’s lives.

Research Recruitment Film
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar

WCMC-Q wanted to promote their lesser-known research departments, inspiring others, and stimulating potential recruitment. The focus of the film was not only for a global audience but it was also to feature Qataris in a bid to raise awareness of the opportunities that WCMC-Q has to offer them.

Featuring beautifully-shot live-action footage and cutting edge graphics, the film aims to nourish the viewer with both its message and its imagery.

Someone’s Mother, Someone’s Brother (Cutdown)
Aids Alliance

The aim of this film is to get this difficult and important subject into the open. By tackling ignorance and preconceptions head-on, the film makes it harder for people to hide in the old ways and advocates strongly for improved access to harm reduction programmes in developing countries.

 Our production process for this film involved Aids Alliance putting us in touch with their local NGO partners in Vietnam and Ukraine and together we identified possible case studies to feature. We worked very closely with Aids Alliance and NGOs, which was crucial in terms of researching the stories, getting to know and understand our featured people, understanding the sensitivities, working out what was possible to film, and developing an impactful, rounded story, all in advance of the filming.

The film was premiered at the International AIDS Conference in Washington to an audience including US politicians and media and has been shown extensively at events since. It has been shared, blogged, and written about extensively by lobbyists and campaigners, and is available online via the Alliance website, social media channels, and harm reduction partner sites.​

Evelina Children's Hospital

This is one in a series of powerful and emotive films made for Evelina Children Hospital which were showcased at a charity Gala event and designed for wider use.This stand-alone film was produced to provide an overview of the hospital and to show off the amazing level of care given to all the children who pass through its doors. A further 4 individual films focused on the individual cases of children and their families, and the role Evelina played in caring for them.

Adding Days to Life
Help the Hospices

In this film we needed to strike a delicate balance – to uplift the audience without trivialising the circumstances and conditions of hospice residents. Our solution was to base the film on portraits of carefully-chosen individuals and groups from hospice residents, carers, family members, volunteers, and hospice workers.  It’s a celebration of the final days of people’s lives – adding substance to Help the Hospices’ mantra: We Add Life to Days.

Finding Patience – The Later Years

This film is a docu-drama set in a care home and picks up on the same family some years later where the problem has progressed and is now late stage dementia. This film is aimed at Health & Care providers across the UK to improve the quality of specific care given to BME groups and understanding of some of the barriers that prevent the delivery of effective care.

Finding Patience has been shown at a variety of major events including GovConnect Conference, The Alzheimer’s Show, The Alzheimer’s Society Conference and the UK Dementia Congress.

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