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Laura Forcetti - Coca-Cola Enterprises

Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Diversity & Inclusion
Coca-Cola Enterprises

This film is a collection of individual stories that showcase Coca-Cola Enterprise’s diversity & inclusion policy. The stories are intimate, honest and personal and the visual style follows suit. Its hand-held documentary style allows us to follow CCE workers in their daily routine whilst we only hear their stories in audio only. The film is the first of its kind for CCE, it gets under the skin of the business, covers the width and breadth of the business through real charismatic people and away from the exec offices.

Debunking the Myths

The objective of the film was to show their employees that even though people are at different life stages, they can still all come together and connect to create something amazing. Ultimately this would also create an environment that makes their employees question their own thinking and make an effort to value everyone around them, regardless of which generation they come from.

The Rhythm Of Rexam

Their primary objective was to inspire their employees and give them the sense of being part of a collective enterprise. Beyond that the film also pays a role of informing people outside the business about what Rexam do. Set against a specially created sound track made up mainly of sounds taken from the Rexam factory and places around the grounds we see machinery making tinned drinks cans and the people that work on the factory floor, in the offices and on the security gate.

One Supply Chain

The 100,000 people who work for the Supply Chain worldwide are the backbone of Unilever sourcing –  manufacturing, packaging and delivering billions of products a year. They, more than anyone will ensure Unilever meets its ambitious targets.This film aims to celebrate and recognise the work these people do, and to demonstrate in a memorable way their dedication and determination to deliver.  Shot in Kenya, Dubai, Mexico and the UK we came up with a simple analogy to represent every aspect of the business, and demonstrate in a memorable way the pride and dedication of everyone – no matter what their role.

100% Zero Waste

We told the story by taking someone – from a site that still had the challenge ahead – to a similar factory in Argentina which managed their target in record time. We used a combination of captions, live on-site interviews, 3D graphics, and Skype interviews to give the film a true global representation.

Ask Yourself

Deloitte believe in an environment in which their people are recognised and respected for their own strengths, values and perspectives. They believe that it’s only within such an environment that employees can truly be at their best.

To this end, they’re working hard to ensure they provide a working environment where everyone feels able to be themselves and can thrive, develop and succeed.  Creating an inclusive environment is not a challenge unique to Deloitte; by uploading the film to YouTube and allowing people to share it with others Deloitte hope to inspire them on their own journeys of respect and inclusion.

To date the film has been viewed over 228,000 on YouTube and has won a multitude of major film festival awards.

One Million Futures

To accompany this programme Deloitte required a memorable, uplifting and emotionally engaging film to help all of their 15,000 employees connect and be a valued part of the initiative. Ensuring that each individual is aware of their pivotal role within the firm leading to positively impacting a million people’s lives over 3 years. The film also supports Deloitte’s main purpose and new brand visual refresh – signified by the green dot and circular motif.

Our Story
GE Oil & Gas

GE Oil & Gas wanted a global film that raised awareness of their activities in the Oil & Gas Sector where they’ve been pushing the boundaries of technology and investing in innovation for over 20 years.

Telefónica Digital

A film to welcome the ambitious and talented new recruits, to be shown during their induction programme. The film had to portray the spark and vitality of their business, present Telefónica as a radical and innovative company and an exciting place to work.

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