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Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Take a Second
Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group’s Inclusion and Diversity team commissioned us to make ‘Take A Second’. Understanding that despite all the mechanisms in place, workplace friction still persists, and was recognised as a brake on success. This mandatory video-led learning programme was made with a simple aim; to encourage employees to be more mindful of other people’s feelings even when under pressure. There are some great metrics around this project that we can share.

Special Moments
Lloyds Banking Group

In September 2013, Lloyds Bank underwent a major brand re-launch, and a number of events were held to celebrate this significant moment in the history of the bank. This is a celebratory film which played a role in bringing the new brand to life for customers and colleagues alike.

We wanted to give an insight into the hearts and minds of people across the bank, letting them talk about key moments that have inspired them during their time at the bank, as well as the importance of the new brand. Emotional and uplifting, the film is a celebration of Lloyds, the new brand and all the hard work that’s gone into it, and it demonstrates how Lloyds’ colleagues are the key to every aspect of the Group’s success.

Disability (Anorexia)
Lloyds Banking Group

In this film the story focuses on how to approach someone with a mental health problem, more specifically in Nina’s case, disordered eating. We hoped that by learning about what Nina went though, the reasons behind her anorexia and ultimately how her colleague at Lloyds supported her and ensured that she got help, would help other Lloyd’s employees to take note if they encountered a colleague living with a similar disorder.

Disability (Overview)
Lloyds Banking Group

The main theme that we wanted to convey in this film is that people, no matter what impairments they might have are still people and should be treated as such.

With the addition of a message from David Oldfield the Executive Sponsor for Disability within Lloyds Banking Group and the individual specific impairment films, hearing from Lloyds employees and customers with Visual, Mobility, Hearing, Unseen and mental Health impairments we hoped to give helpful practical advice on how to treat everyone individually.

The Week [Trailer]
Lloyds Banking Group

The Week was a tense drama that follows a pressured CSM over the course of a week as she juggles her professional duties with her personal responsibilities. Lynne is a dedicated colleague who has some difficult personalities to manage in her under-performing branch.
The film parallels her management of her tasks as a single-mum of two with her management of her team. Although this isn’t explicit, we see her learning from her personal situation and bringing that understanding to the branch.
The narrative involved detailed character development and a sharp plot arc. Both of which contributed to the audience investing emotionally in the characters and the stor

Lloyds Banking Group

When Lloyds Banking Group was formed they had to inform their £18m customers about the changes that were taking place and this film helped internal staff to answer those queries in branch.

E2E Simplification (Short)
Lloyds Banking Group

This film looks at the effects of the new E2E Simplification process within LBG. A presenter takes us through the process, with the aim of informing everyone across the Group how the programme will impact customers, colleagues and cost. Our brief was to instil a sense of motivation, inspiration and pride around the programme and to ensure an emotional connection was established between colleagues and the vision.

Better Together
Lloyds Banking Group

This film was launched to help win hearts and minds over the integration of Lloyds TSB, Halifax and Bank of Scotland.

Group IT – Our Agenda
Lloyds Banking Group

A colleague engagement survey showed that there was an issue with engagement within IT. This film was produced to ensure colleagues understood what is happening, why and how they play a part in this.

The interviews were combined with elegant top-end graphics to reinforce each featured speaker’s words. This creative approach is highly distinctive and adds weight to what’s being said, as it requires the viewer to read as well as to listen.

The overall feeling is dynamic and high-tech; the visual style linking back not only to other relevant printed material, but also to the ‘C’s internal brand.

Discover Learning
Lloyds Banking Group

Traditionally learning was considered to be something that was carried out on training courses at specialist training centres. Lloyds wanted to launch a new way of learning and commissioned us to make a film to encourage and give license to thinking about learning in a new way… To learn anytime and anywhere.  This is an introduction to thinking about learning differently.

Claire’s Story
Lloyds TSB

There was also the important subtle message that the way that branch colleagues behave with these customers is critical to their impression of the bank. It was made initially for an internal audience but was also shown to customers as part of roadshows.

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Lloyds Banking Group

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