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Deborah Copeland, BT

A selection of films from The Edge.

Jes Staley Visit to North East

Following this legacy is the launch of a new £500m growth fund as part of the Government’s Northern Powerhouse initiative. The project will help Northern businesses to grow and create new jobs.

We accompanied Jes Staley, CEO of Barclays to launch the fund in Northumberland and Sunderland. He met with business owners, workers and apprentices who will be directly impacted by the fund, and was able to see the good this project is doing first hand. This project follows on from previous funds Barclays has set up like the Midlands Engine Fund and the Agricultural Fund.

As a British bank, their focus is on the national economy and supporting industries and communities facing particular challenges in the current climate. The work they are doing speaks for itself, so a simple film highlighting the connections made and progress of the people affected is all that was needed.

Behind The Barr

This film was designed to introduce Keith Barr, IHG’s new CEO, on his first day in a friendly and informal manner.

The Passage

Part of the IHG Foundation week, this film documents the work done by The Passage, a charity supported by IHG.

Key Days 1

We were asked to produce a regular series of Matthew Key briefings (6 each year), to be distributed over intraview, the O2 intranet channel.  These had to increase Matthew’s visibility, his accessibility, and help him communicate his key strategic priorities.

Our cameras followed Matthew Key around for the day and went wherever he went, whether to meetings, conferences, or to the

International Women’s Day
De Beers

We produced shortfilm to help explain HeForShe, what it is, why it’s important, and to show clear senior leadership commitment to making this happen as part of the Count Me In campaign.

Vision For The Future
National Grid

National Grid needed a film to show their employees that explained the organisation’s ambitions to change to clean, reliable energy. We opted for a graphic approach which visually stunning film that would tell them all they needed to know.

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