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Vision 2020+

EY wanted an engaging, energetic film to launch 2020+ – the extension of their company-wide vision for the future. We created an impactful promo film to excite employees on what was to come.


Taking Risk seriously is essential in Professional Services. How can we get people to see it as an enabler rather than always as a barrier?

Trade Tracker App 2018

We produced this promotional film to help illustrate the capabilities of the Trade Tracker App. Using the kaleidolapse technique we were able to give the film a unique sense of style and creativity.


At HSBC, Global Liquidity Solutions (GLS) help businesses manage their surplus cash across more than 50 markets around the world.  The aim of the film is to represent the fluid nature of HSBC’s Global Liquidity Solutions with a visually captivating and dynamic liquid graphic animation. This is complimented by a carefully chosen piece of music and crafted sound design, to create an immersive soundscape. ​

Phonotrope (cutdown)
Integral Society

Ken Wilber is a respected philosopher, with followers including Bill Clinton.

The Integral Society initiative is his holistic view of how society should interact with each other towards a common goal.

They needed a film to make the concept more accessible and engaging for a wide range of audiences.

Our solution was a based around a device called a Phonotrope, where the illusion of animation is achieved by rotating an object and filming it at a high shutter speed.  The end result was both beautiful and mesmerising – like nothing else we’ve produced before…

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