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Online Community
BIG Lottery Fund

The online community was created by the BIG Lottery Fund to make it easy for hundreds of people across the nation to come together and share ideas regardless of their geographic location. To launch this initiative, The Edge was commissioned to produce a fun and engaging animation which explains how the online community will work and the different ways that it will be able to help the people who need it. The film conveys its message clearly with the help of an upbeat voice-over.

Future of Energy – Asia

This film enabled Shell to visualise the summary of a results survey about the future of energy in Asia.

They wanted to display the results in a vibrant, creative, animated format. Using their brand guidelines as a starting point we developed a detailed storyboard ahead of the animation to ensure that the brand team were happy with our visual interpretations.

By using simple shapes, maps, and facts presented through easily digestible captions, we created a fast-paced informative animation suitable for internal and external usage.


A thought-provoking animated film which was produced for use by the Sustainability Affairs team. Its aim was to educate people throughout the global business about the importance of ensuring sustainability throughout ABB’s supply chain. The aim is to encourage people to learn more about the topic and ultimately engage with an e-learning package that will be launched after the film.

Eco-Power Tools

A short animation for Attero all about their Eco-Power Fuels division. This film was aimed at potential investors and clients alike. Attero wanted something informative with a high level of explanation so we chose animation as it allowed us to show the whole process easily and clearly.

Digital Marketing – David & Fiona

We created this film to show how Neyber can both remove the hassle of getting a loan and offer fairer rates to more employees by enabling them to repay their loan directly from their salary. Neyber’s goal is to do much more than grant loans but to improve the financial wellbeing of UK employees but offering trusted, fair and accessible loan products.

We recorded a series of short audio interviews with real Neyber customers, each talking about their personal experiences and how the technology has helped them.  Each story was brought to life using animation.


EDI Monitoring Film
Telefónica Digital

A film to welcome the ambitious and talented new recruits, to be shown during their induction programme. The film had to portray the spark and vitality of their business, present Telefónica as a radical and innovative company and an exciting place to work.

HSBCnet Touch ID How To

A simple step-by-step How To… demonstration of the HSBCnet’s Touch ID digital capability.

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