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JOUD – Trailer
Saudi Aramco

A 1-hour feature documentary film produced entirely in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, JOUD uses an experimental story structure derived from a pre-Islamic form of poetry, the Qasida : “an ancient poem for modern times”.

Filmed entirely within the Kingdom, the film journeys deep within the soul and fabric of an experience often hidden to the outside world.

Our hand-picked creative team filmed on location for 6 months, working with local cast and crew.

Children of the World
King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

Shot in 17 international locations, from Costa Rica to Nepal; the Philippines to Brazil; New Zealand to Russia; Saudi Arabia and beyond, here we deliver a privileged insight into the real lives of children between the ages of 9 and 13 years old. The films provide the viewer with a fascinating, engaging and vibrant insight into the similarities and differences of the children and their lives.

Glorious Past. Bright Future.
Arriyadh Development Authority

As the capital of the First Saudi State, the old town of Arriyadh played a major role in shaping the present day culture of the Kingdom. It was the seat of power and the peninsula’s unification.

Recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site, today Arriyadh lays in ruins. However, current renovation overseen by the Arriyadh Development Authority will turn the historic site into a world-class open air museum, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Saudi nation.  

We were commissioned by the ADA to make a short inspirational documentary charting the history of Arriyadh – both its historical importance and the museum’s future significance.  The film was shown to the Saudi Royal family as well as the general public to raise awareness of the project and create excitement.

Opening Ceremony
Qasr Al Muwaiji

The Fort of Qasr Al Muwaiji holds great historical significance and importance within the UAE and for its people. The Fort recently went through a sensitive and considered contemporary transformation in order to become accessible to the public and give back to the people. This ‘Opening Ceremony’ film was designed not only to premiere at The Fort, but to support the idea of a new life for the Fort as a modern day museum and how it is giving back to the new generation of Abu Dhabi children, educating and keeping its proud history alive in the 21st century.

The Discovery of Saruq Al Hadid
Saruq Al Hadid Museum

The museum showcases the latest and most important archaeological finds in SAH – a location in the desert just outside Dubai- deemed to be the most important archaeological discovery in this part of the world. The films created serve multiple purposes: from telling the story of this discovery, introducing visitors to the theories and questions surrounding the archaeological site, through to providing the visitors with an immersive, informative, and educational experience.

The purpose of ‘Room 2’ film is to create an immersive filming experience for the prestigious Saruq Al Hadid Museum. Visitors are immersed in a room where the walls and floor all become a canvass to tell the story of discovery.

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