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A selection of our films

Network Rail Showreel
Network Rail
Lifesaving Rules – Working At Heights
Network Rail

Network Rail were looking for a suite of films to raise awareness of their key Lifesaving Rules.

Using an X-ray graphic style, we recreated situations based on real accidents suffered by Network Rail employees, showing the impact of various severe injuries suffered in working environments familiar to the audience.

Ask Twice
Network Rail

Mental Health is a difficult subject in the workplace and it was recognised that Managers have a skills gap in terms of facilitating conversations with their direct reports, who may be undergoing challenges. To address this, Network Rail designed a face-to-face training session to equip Managers to deal with these difficult situations more effectively. They were looking for something to start the training with a bang and show that the way you approach these conversations can make a world of difference and land simple message in a way that would really stick in people’s heads. Since attending the course, 81% of managers responding to the six-month follow up survey had at least one conversation with a team member about mental wellbeing. Further, 84% feel confident to have a sensitive conversation and 72% feel confident to use a mental wellbeing discussion tool. Ask Twice has gone on to be used widely within Network Rail and won multiple awards.

Time to Support Part 1 (Cutdown)
Network Rail

Network Rail recognised that their managers needed training in having better conversations with their direct reports around mental health. This example shows a bad approach. A key message here was that in a situation like this good intentions are not enough. Later in the course after they’ve been armed with better ways to handle things they see the same situation played out in a much more positive way

Train Metrics – Drama
Network Rail
Hit or Miss
Network Rail

Track worker safety is a major issue for Network Rail. As a key element of their wider Safety 365 campaign, the ‘Hit or Miss’ initiative was aimed at eliminating fatalities and serious injuries’. Our film was designed to support this: attacking complacency; getting staff to stay alert; think about the wider impact of their actions and above all, not use their mobiles on track!  Its efficacy saw it become an industry-wide communication piece driven by demand, winning one Gold, one Silver and two Bronze awards at the IVCA.

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