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A selection of our films

Barry’s Story
Network Rail

Barry’s Story is one of a series of films we produced that are used in Respectful Workplace facilitated training sessions rolling out within Supply Chain Operations. A docudrama approach shows someone looking back on an incident in hindsight. Doing this mirrors the journey we want to take the learner on, getting them to a place where they are more aware of the impacts that disrespectful behaviour can have on people and recognise the importance of speaking up to challenge it.

Workplace Violence [Trailer]

Openreach’s Safety Director asked us to look at the subject of workplace violence in the home. Their engineers spend a lot of time in customers’ homes and the threat of violence is a real one which has increased significantly under lockdown – with more people stuck at home and broadband becoming even more important.

The film was commissioned as part of a larger learning course. There was an existing e-learn on the topic, but it was dry, drab and unimpressive. We were keen to demonstrate the power of film in learning and deliver effective, memorable learning on an important topic.

The idea was to create a realistic scenario to catch learners’ attention and to model good and bad behaviors. We aimed to deliver solid learning content in a way that was easy to digest. Some people are able to diffuse difficult situations with ease – it’s a skill and one that can be taught. In a situation of physical threat, higher thinking goes out of the window; we needed to deliver practical advice and take-outs, which would stick and be easily recalled. We needed it to be credible above all – a situation familiar to every learner and a set of responses from all the characters that felt real.

HSBC – Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

This film was produced to raise the awareness of The Employee Assistance Programme and create better conversations about mental wellbeing in the business. The EAP was not being used as much as it should. Even in normal times it could be more widely used, and with the struggles Covid-19 has brought to so many, it should now be useful to more people than ever. HSBC wanted colleagues to know that the service is there for everyone. A sympathetic ear is available whenever it’s needed whatever the issue. Our film needed to emphasise that the service is confidential, from an independent provider and available ‘at work, at home and anywhere in between’.

Ask Twice
Network Rail

Mental Health is a difficult subject in the workplace and it was recognised that Managers have a skills gap in terms of facilitating conversations with their direct reports, who may be undergoing challenges. To address this, Network Rail designed a face-to-face training session to equip Managers to deal with these difficult situations more effectively. They were looking for something to start the training with a bang and show that the way you approach these conversations can make a world of difference and land simple message in a way that would really stick in people’s heads. Since attending the course, 81% of managers responding to the six-month follow up survey had at least one conversation with a team member about mental wellbeing. Further, 84% feel confident to have a sensitive conversation and 72% feel confident to use a mental wellbeing discussion tool. Ask Twice has gone on to be used widely within Network Rail and won multiple awards.


Pinn wanted a film to launch themselves into the market, to explain both to business and consumer customers, what their offering is. To this end we produced a voiceover-led piece of animation that is both stylish and original which clearly and simply describes what Pinn does, how their product works and the benefits it has to society as a whole.

Respect in the Workplace – Sexual Harassment – Speak Up

This film is part of series, to promote a speak up culture at PwC and to convey that everyone needs to:

Speak Up Listen Up Follow Up

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