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Salima Houari at OCP

Here are a selection of films

See Life
BOD 2019
Saudi Aramco
Our Story
GE Oil & Gas

GE Oil & Gas wanted a global film that raised awareness of their activities in the Oil & Gas Sector where they’ve been pushing the boundaries of technology and investing in innovation for over 20 years.

Where The Best Get Better
National Tourism Council

Picture the scene: dawn breaks across over desert sands as we set up at base camp at the Inland Sea. Neymar, Buffon, Di María, and Thiago Silva arrive at the Edge set – you can imagine our excitement… four footballing superstars!

We pinch ourselves – and then set to work with Grid to create a truly iconic TVC for Qatar’s National Tourism Authority.

What a day.

We open on a stunning vista, as these elite players utilise the desert to train, pushing themselves further than ever before. The camera follows as they run across the desert’s expanse, tackling dunes and conquering steep uphills..

Why? Well…

Where do you go when you’ve achieved everything – but want to keep pushing further?

Qatar, of course.

Premiered on CNN, ‘Where The Best Get Better’ is taking the internet by storm.


One Supply Chain

The 100,000 people who work for the Supply Chain worldwide are the backbone of Unilever sourcing –  manufacturing, packaging and delivering billions of products a year. They, more than anyone will ensure Unilever meets its ambitious targets.This film aims to celebrate and recognise the work these people do, and to demonstrate in a memorable way their dedication and determination to deliver.  Shot in Kenya, Dubai, Mexico and the UK we came up with a simple analogy to represent every aspect of the business, and demonstrate in a memorable way the pride and dedication of everyone – no matter what their role.


Deloitte are great believers in growing value from within their own organisation, empowering their own people to have the means to devise and launch innovative new ideas for potential new business venture start-ups.

A short film was required to help inspire all Deloitte’s millennials to ‘make their ideas happen’, helping position the company as a champion of this new way of thinking, and to formally launch the initiative.  It aims to show Deloitte as a champion of innovation and entrepreneurship, whilst encouraging their own people to engage with the firm’s innovation agenda.

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