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Phil Bliss

Hi Phil, please see a selection of engineering related films below.

Driveline Event Film

GKN Driveline wanted a high impact, caption driven conference film that showcased the best automotive tech they manufacture and also hint at their new brand direction – Ideas in Motion. Cut to a high energy library track, using a concept designer & their genuine CAD files we created a super slick environment to house both the captions and footage.

Type R

At the core of this film is an interview with Suehiro Hasshi who explains the key facts and achievements that drove the development of the Civic Type R 2014 Concept car. Filmed on prime lenses, we used a mixture of tight- and wide-shots to give a sense of depth and scale, and edited the film in an energetic, fast-paced style to enhance the cinematic look and feel.
This short, visually dynamic film projects graphics specially made for this production and existing footage to get the worlds press interested in what’s to come and to remind them of the lineage of the marque and its contribution to European road racing front wheel drive cars.

Tractor of The Year

With the use of their previously-shot footage and the inclusion of both graphics and captions, we aimed to produce a Promotional film that highlights all the benefits of the MF 8700 in a modern, fast-paced, and hi-tech way.

10 Reasons

10 Reasons was produced for Agritechnica, one of the world’s largest farming trade shows. Massey Ferguson wanted to connect with their farmers on a human-level. The aim was to present 10 Reasons to love your Massey Ferguson in a montage of nostalgic scenarios caught on film. Based on conversations with real farmers, we created a film with an authentic feel, in some areas using vintage equipment to give a home-video feel.


GKN are a global engineering group that make essential components for industries that touch lives across the globe.  The F35 is the most advanced fifth generation fighter aircraft designed to perform ground attack and air superiority missions. GKN Aerospace are proud to contribute many system critical components to this innovative military platform and this short film enables the viewer to discover how intrinsic GKN’s innovative technologies are to the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II.

Aerospace Events (Gallery)

GKN Aerospace needed a film for the Farnham Air-show to showcase the work they did across the aerospace industry, including their work in Civil Aviation, Military and for the Space industry. From the smallest part to the most intrinsic component, GKN roles in making thing fly cannot be underestimated. Using immersive computer graphics, we created a virtual gallery featuring 3-D models and footage of some of the amazing Projects GKN are involved in.

Private: Driveline Brand Film

This is a good example of The Edge’s flexibility and responsiveness. We were already producing a film for a major internal event on technology and design when the GKN Automotive CEO decided he needed a brand film produced as well in just over a week. This was pulled together in record time and created a very positive reaction when it was launched at the conference. We include it here as an example of where we can add value on lower cost, less bespoke approaches to film.

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