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Piers Lea LTG

Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.


Pinn wanted a film to launch themselves into the market, to explain both to business and consumer customers, what their offering is. To this end we produced a voiceover-led piece of animation that is both stylish and original which clearly and simply describes what Pinn does, how their product works and the benefits it has to society as a whole.

The Message Cloud

‘Message Cloud’ is the next major macro-trend in an increasingly connected world. Having successfully developed the working technology and know-how for implementation, SmartFocus had a window of opportunity in which to steal a march on its major competitors, and we helped them use the power of film to communicate the essence of the product’s innovative smart thinking to a potentially huge, receptive audience.

Trade Tracker App 2018

We produced this promotional film to help illustrate the capabilities of the Trade Tracker App. Using the kaleidolapse technique we were able to give the film a unique sense of style and creativity.

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