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A selection of previous BT films

Consumer Pride
No Reason

No Reason tells the story of an ordinary, capable manager who is put in an impossible position by the way his boss treats him [I thought this only happened to weak people].  We hear in documentary-drama style the thoughts of the three main protagonists as the events unfold.

The video was launched at an event for many of the top managers in BT and then rolled out more widely across the organisation.  As well as sending a clear message to those people who were behaving inappropriately, it needed to give victims of bullying, as well as those who witnessed it, the confidence to come forward.  It also prompted widespread debate and encourage discussion about the difference between bullying and strong management style.

The honesty of the film has met with a very positive response within BT.  It has enabled a difficult and challenging subject to be discussed openly.  Together with the wider “Let’s Cut it Out” anti-bullying programme, the video has helped people across BT understand that bullying behaviour, in any form, will not be tolerated.

Social Media Minefield

Part of our ‘Is It OK?’ E-learning course for Openreach, this film aims to promote positive online behaviour within the company’s workforce.

Openreach Diversity
Sport Relief Tanzania

BT is a long-standing supporter of Sport Relief, and in January 2014 a group of BT volunteers went to Tanzania to visit projects they’ve helped fund. We trained the volunteers in how to shoot professional-looking footage and what to shoot to help tell their story. The volunteers filmed and photographed their experience using iPhones and other devices, sent us the raw material, and we edited this short, moving record of their visit.


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