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A selection of films for Phil Tyler

Vision and Values

Our values film for HS2 following the launch of their values – Leadership, Safety, Respect and Integrity. This film features an array of HS2 employees from across the company talking about what the values mean to them.

The studio shoot captures the passion of the employees speaking about the project and is enhanced with projections from other films which have been made about the project so far.

See Life

A film to help launch Amgen’s ‘Mirror’s’ campaign and messaging. The campaign sets out to match activities in the lab with those in the real world, the aim being to reflect the fact that patients are never far from the minds of the scientists.
This film brings to life Amgen’s oncology narrative told simultaneously from two angles, interlinking the story of a scientist with the story of a patient.

We meet Emily who was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer and the impact this had on her life and family. Running parallel is the story of Victor, the scientist talking about the ground-breaking work they’re doing to win the battle against cancer. The end-result is a film that takes the viewer on a journey in an authentic, heartfelt, emotional and human way.


Pinn wanted a film to launch themselves into the market, to explain both to business and consumer customers, what their offering is. To this end we produced a voiceover-led piece of animation that is both stylish and original which clearly and simply describes what Pinn does, how their product works and the benefits it has to society as a whole.

International Men’s Day 2019
Standard Chartered

We live in an age where people ask ‘isn’t everyday International Men’s Day?’ Yet we also live in an age where we fight for diversity and inclusion. IMD is a day of opportunity. Opportunity to raise awareness of the issues that men face. And you might be surprised about the facts, though probably less surprised by the causes. Across the world, many men find it hard to communicate their feelings. It’s often thought this stems from the way society perceives men as strong and any show of emotion is a sign of weakness. This is a dangerous ideology that’s built into little boys who all grow up to be men. This needs to change.

The day opens a conversation, one that needs to be had, one that doesn’t just benefit the men in this world, but the world itself. Standard Chartered commissioned us to produce a film for International Men’s Day 2019. A thought-provoking piece around what it mean to be a man in today’s world.

Health and Wellness 2 – Resilience
Network Rail

This film was part of  the series, Health and Wellness, targeting all 34,000 employees, created to spark an interest and get people feeling involved and ready to change their lifestyles, whilst communicating the various health programmes offered by Network Rail.

Pipers Crisps Case Study
Inclusion Film
Wellbeing – Sleep

KONE’s ‘Elevate Your Health’ campaign is being promoted across the company to support employees’ physical, mental, and social health.  The campaign aims to encourage employees to be aware of personal health risks, be responsible for their own health, and be physically active in order to achieve better wellbeing, with wellbeing defined as “The state of being physically, mentally, and socially healthy, achieving a balanced life”.

This is one in the series, 5 Top Tips – sleep.

Recruitment Interview Mark White

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