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Rouba Asmar -TBWA

Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Bathroom Poetry
Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch are one of the world’s leading ceramics manufacturers, assures outstanding standards in quality and design since 1748. We regularly create inspiring short films with leading names from the design and fashion industries to help them promote their luxury bathroom and premium porcelain products.

International Women’s Day 2018

Qatari women are dynamic and impact all strata of society. The ‘International Women’s Day 2018’ film shines the spotlight on a few of these amazing achiever and what they do, and what they stand for.

A Journey of Discovery
Oman Air

The film’s main aim is to not only deliver vital in-flight safety instructions, but to also simultaneously showcase the natural beauty of Oman, the personality and warmth of its people, and provide a sample of its unique culture in a cinematic style.

We Believe in Youth

McDonald’s employ 1 million young people, investing $1 billion in them each year. Their goal was to redefine the stereotypical ‘Youth’ of today and show how if you trust and believe in them, they can achieve extraordinary things. This is something McDonald’s believe in and shall continue to do in the future.

Brand Film
Mwani Qatar

Qatar is currently going through a major transformation with some of the most ambitious and prestigious infrastructure projects the world has ever seen. A new airport, a rail/road network and new cities such as Lusail, will change the face of Qatar as well as the lives of the people who live there for generations to come.

Mwani Qatar’s management of Hamad Port, Al-Ruwais Port and Doha Port is part of this story. A new suite of commercial container ports that promises to strengthen Qatar’s links to the world.

This short brand film tells Mwani Qatar’s visionary story.

Dear Qatar – AR
Ogilvy/Qatar Post

The organization recently went through a ‘modern transformation’ process in order to build a sustainable, more contemporary embracing postal sector. By doing so they also hope to build a connected society in Qatar and to connect their nation to the world.

To help raise awareness of Qatar Post’s new brand identity and core values (reliability, effectiveness, openness, modernity and excellence) they required a film. ‘Dear Qatar’ marks a new beginning for the postal services of Qatar

Greatness TVC (A)
Qatar Financial Centre Authority

The theme of the campaign was that of great success being achieved through great support, and previous TVCs had already been made in this vein – and by association, how QFC provides great support to help its clients achieve their own personal success.

Coupled with an ethereal, inspirational music piece, our film uses archive footage of the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, and closes on a shot of Charles Duke, Mission Control for the Apollo 11 expedition, arguably the most crucial support roles behind one of humanity’s pinnacle achievements – setting foot on the Moon for the first time in history.

Telefónica Digital

A film to welcome the ambitious and talented new recruits, to be shown during their induction programme. The film had to portray the spark and vitality of their business, present Telefónica as a radical and innovative company and an exciting place to work.

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