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Here are some example of CEO Films we have previously produced.

Behind The Barr

This film was designed to introduce Keith Barr, IHG’s new CEO, on his first day in a friendly and informal manner.

CEO Film

We made this film to accompany support Andrew Heath’s joining instrumentation company Spectris as its new CEO.

Key Days 1

We were asked to produce a regular series of Matthew Key briefings (6 each year), to be distributed over intraview, the O2 intranet channel.  These had to increase Matthew’s visibility, his accessibility, and help him communicate his key strategic priorities.

Our cameras followed Matthew Key around for the day and went wherever he went, whether to meetings, conferences, or to the

International Women’s Day Film 1
De Beers

This film is part of a two-part series to highlight De Beers’ partnership with the HeForShe movement.

It involves a globally crowd-sourced on International Women’s Day itself and then edited thereafter, ready for global distribution to all employees, encouraging each and every one of them to sign up to HeForShe. The final film will be made available after March 8 and viewed internally and through social media.

Louis Dreyfus Company

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