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Special Assistance

Developing our creative concept in direct response to the client’s needs, the film is aimed at passengers travelling through Heathrow Airport who require special assistance.

We shaped the film’s core narrative to fit around passengers with different access requirements and helps us shape stories in the script – and our cast was made up of a cross-section of people with different disabilities and their assistants.

Disability (Overview)
Lloyds Banking Group

The main theme that we wanted to convey in this film is that people, no matter what impairments they might have are still people and should be treated as such.

With the addition of a message from David Oldfield the Executive Sponsor for Disability within Lloyds Banking Group and the individual specific impairment films, hearing from Lloyds employees and customers with Visual, Mobility, Hearing, Unseen and mental Health impairments we hoped to give helpful practical advice on how to treat everyone individually.

Mobility Impaired
KPMG Disability

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