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Tony Evans - EGI Live

Hi Tony, please find below the films as per my email.

Apprentices – Lauren Cyster

One of a series of films that aims to overcome negative perceptions of BT and instead reach out to a new generation of BT employees, positioning the company as one of the most exciting, innovative places to work.

Plant Science
University of Cambridge

The purpose of the film was to encourage students aged 16 to 21 to aspire to a career as plant scientists. We adopted a radical and disruptive approach towards the 90 second promotional film to grab the young audience’s attention from the first frame. We captured stills to create a concise and punchy film with a stylised ‘flip book’ effect which – with the help of a young and engaging voiceover – takes us on an incredible journey from the molecular level of a plant to Earth from space!

Future Teaching Scholarship
Education Development Trust

To create interest and excitement in the programme, we wanted to find a memorable idea with a clear call to action at its heart.

We created a visually-arresting film presented by Sarah Cruddas, Astrophysicist and the face of Space in the UK – combined with images that you might not expect to see in an advert for teaching – in the hope that the target audience would think about teaching in a new and exciting light.

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