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Please find a selection of films below.

HSBCnet Mobile App Touch ID Promo

We produced this film to change the perception of HSBCnet and show the way HSBC’s investments in technology were making it more responsive to clients’ busy working lives.

The brief was to make the film feel highly contemporary and strongly visual to draw the viewer into the new world of HSBCnet that the mobile app makes possible.  The use of kaleidolapse gives the film an abstract quality and the use of monochrome with red ties it in closely to the HSBC brand.

Digital Platform

Coutts wanted a short film that would present their digital platform. It needed to inspire and attract both current and potential customers, encouraging them to utilise the full range of digital services that they have recently developed and would be making available on a much wider scale.

Probate Web Series

Acknowledging how daunting the probate process can be for families – especially at an emotionally challenging time such as the death of a loved one – Simplify seeks to demystify the legal requirements and other services necessary when someone dies. Led by a straight-talking presenter and clear iconography, our 25-part series (now live on helps unpack the complex probate process in simple, effective steps, and the series continues to gain popularity amongst the website’s visitors.

The Message Cloud

‘Message Cloud’ is the next major macro-trend in an increasingly connected world. Having successfully developed the working technology and know-how for implementation, SmartFocus had a window of opportunity in which to steal a march on its major competitors, and we helped them use the power of film to communicate the essence of the product’s innovative smart thinking to a potentially huge, receptive audience.

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