Aids Alliance

Someone’s Mother, Someone’s Brother (Cutdown)


The aim of this film is to get this difficult and important subject into the open. By tackling ignorance and preconceptions head-on, the film makes it harder for people to hide in the old ways and advocates strongly for improved access to harm reduction programmes in developing countries.

 Our production process for this film involved Aids Alliance putting us in touch with their local NGO partners in Vietnam and Ukraine and together we identified possible case studies to feature. We worked very closely with Aids Alliance and NGOs, which was crucial in terms of researching the stories, getting to know and understand our featured people, understanding the sensitivities, working out what was possible to film, and developing an impactful, rounded story, all in advance of the filming.

The film was premiered at the International AIDS Conference in Washington to an audience including US politicians and media and has been shown extensively at events since. It has been shared, blogged, and written about extensively by lobbyists and campaigners, and is available online via the Alliance website, social media channels, and harm reduction partner sites.​