Data Gathering Strategy


To introduce the different modules of its Data Gathering course, the firm wanted a series of short compelling pieces that explained the reason for that module. Data Gathering is a dry and technical subject and PwC’s challenge to The Edge was to bring the subject alive and show its strategic importance to the business and to their clients.
We made four short films led by a presenter (a professional actor who was cast to feel like a PwC associate or even a client); the presenter addresses the camera directly and uses clear jargon-free language to make the case, all while interacting with 3D-style graphics to illustrate his points. Our lead animator directed camera motion and the actor’s actions on the day, while the film’s director supervised performance. The films now live on PwC’s e-learning portal and introduce the respective modules.

PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the world’s leading audit and accountancy firms, invests hugely in e-learning to develop its people.