Fitness First

Raising The Bar 2


Our idea was to highlight all of these member types with individual characters that are met in a “day in the life” scenario with our Hero PT. In this way we could see how adaptable he was, how observant and that he tailored his approach of each member differently depending on how they would like to be treated; whether that was to invite them to try something a little different, to introduce them to new goals to achieve or to simply respect them enough to let them get on with their own workouts.

To ensure that all of the subtitles for the characters were clear for what was primarily a training film, we used captions to highlight how to identify the characteristics of each member type and what actions they should take when engaging with them. We also used graphics to show the way that these interactions wouldn’t just help Fitness First members to have a successful session but also could help with their lives beyond the gym, whether it was to make their children proud or set them up positively for a stressful workday ahead.

Fitness First needed a film to demonstrate to their employees how to identify, support and inspire the 6 different types of members that visit their gyms, in order for them to get the most out of their work out.