HSBC Private Bank

Social Media Strategy


Social Media has fast become a significant part of the HSBC Private Bank client’s everyday life. This is not simply for social reasons. Businesses are increasingly engaging with online platforms to access and publish news, information, economic views and advice. For HSBC, the potential influence these outputs have on clients’ decisions about their wealth demands effective company utilisation of social media.

The aim of this film was to get a target audience – HSBC Private Bank employees – to understand the benefits that social media could offer up in terms of client engagement, communication and imparting insights. It needed to demystify social media and make it appealing rather than intimidating or foreign, particularly to those that may otherwise have been resistant to it as something confusing in its modernity or concerning in its foreignness.

We were commissioned to produce this film for all HSBC Private bank employees, and it is still in use today. Key targets are relationship managers and Private Bank employees whose roles entail bettering client engagement and communication.