You Poo Too (Promo)


The purpose of this promo was to generate a feeling of horror that raw sewage enters our capital city’s river on a weekly basis. The River Thames is treated as an open sewer, killing fish, polluting our environment and leaving debris along the foreshore – and the problem is getting worse!

There is a lack of understanding that this happens. People don’t like to think about where their sewage goes, but Thames Tideway needed to hammer home the message that the Thames Tideway Tunnel is desperately needed.

Our aim was to generate emotion, evoke a sense of disbelief so Londoners want to fight for the solution to happen. England was once the ‘dirty man of Europe’ and although much has improved in the last few decades, the sewage overflows are the last source of pollution to the Thames.

We set out to create a promo that is emotive, thought-provoking, memorable, engaging to all ages and understandable to the majority. We wanted the imagery to be as powerful as the words so even those without a full grasp of English can understand the problem and what we are trying to solve.

In partnership with creative communications agency, Jabberwokie, we created this memorable film to explain both the problem itself and how the Thames Tideway Tunnel (now Tideway) will be vital to solving it.