Vision Fund

Genevieve’s Story


We wanted to create a film that was personal and emotive, and our solution was to tell the story from a child’s perspective and focus on a story where the loan was small but succeeds in lifting the family out of extreme poverty. This allowed us to make the successful outcomes of the loan more nuanced, the story feel personal and the impact felt by the loan – the chances of a better life – more human, credible and authentic. We wanted to show vulnerability that audiences could empathise with and importantly, we needed to position VisionFund as agents of real, lasting change, helping people take small steps towards profound, rewarding and impactful change.

The film has been designed as an educational and fundraising tool to inform people who already support Vision Fund of the impact they have on families and communities. It also encourages people who don’t yet support the charity to donate.

Vision Fund is one of the leading charities offering microfinance loans, helping families in some of the poorest areas of the world create their own businesses. This cash boost enables them to support themselves and their loved ones without having to rely on donations or hand-outs.