Wellcome Trust



The idea behind the quotes from famous scientific minds came out of Wellcome Trust’s guiding principle: ‘Achieving extraordinary improvements in health by supporting the brightest minds’.  We wanted the audience to see that the unknown scientists of today could be the Pasteurs and Einsteins of tomorrow – thereby showing the relevance and significance of the Trust’s investment.

Prior to filming, we researched how the Trust lived up to this principle and developed the core creative out of our findings.  We took the time to understand some of the complex scientific studies they were fostering and used our findings to identify and select the best shots from the footage for the final film.  The piece we produced had to encompass the Trust’s educational goals and the eclectic nature of the Trust’s activities, but at the same time, the film had to feel distinctive – like the kind of artwork they would commission for their exhibition space.

This film introduces the work of the global charity. We show examples of how the organization supports the brightest minds in biomedical research. Combining live action footage with inspiring music & quotes from great scientists past & present, it focuses on the positive impact of the Trust’s work on society.